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Important Announcement:
Sodas Will Be an Additional Charge Starting February 23rd, 2024

The past four years have brought trials and tribulations for individuals and businesses alike. We are grateful to still be operating when so many theatres were not able to weather the storm brought on by COVID. With this economic and cultural disruption, we currently live in a different world than we did four years ago. As a theatre operating in food and art, Wohlfahrt Haus has certainly not been immune to the effects of inflation and rising food costs related to our business. We have seen, in some cases, a 50% increase in food prices for the dining room. Factoring in this plus the rise of Virginia minimum wage and other vendors taking multiple price increases, we’ve had to take a step back and reassess our current operating structure to remain viable. Our goal for 2024 was to keep dinner & show prices consistent with 2023.  Doing this mandated other adjustments from previous operating protocol(s).

Effective opening night of “Steel Magnolias,” February 23rd, 2024, we will begin charging for soda ordered in our theatre’s dining room.  This will be a $4 plus tax charge per person for unlimited quantity as consumed during the production. With this change, we are happy to announce that we will be offering aluminum can versus our previous usage of fountain drinks. This switch enables us to provide a fresher, more consistent, as well as larger variety of choices to our patrons, which includes the addition of Coke products to our previously exclusive usage of Pepsi products.


Soda orders will continue to be taken tableside by your server upon arrival. Your server will ring in all soda orders and will settle your bill with you at intermission or earlier in service upon request.

We thank you all in advance for your understanding as we navigate this markedly different business environment and greatly appreciate your patronage over the years. 

- The Wohlfahrt Haus

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